About Us

A House Upon The Rock is a family endeavor. While Trish, wife and mama of the clan, primarily creates many items for this shop, each member of the family participates in some way and brings their own creativity and unique giftedness to the table.

Having lived both in town and out in the woods in a cabin without running water or electricity we learned to make do with many things we have on hand and to reuse as many items as we could. Reclaiming wood and other materials is just as much of a passion of ours as is encouraging others around us. We believe a worker is “worthy of his hire” and therefore also source our ingredients for our skin care products from fair trade companies, when we can not find a local source.

ME has his own subsidiary of the family business Malachi’s Workshop, and because he works with his brother they also call themselves The Building Brothers. They do much of the carpentry side of things, from cutting down and sanding reclaimed wood planks for signs to staining or “white-washing” items. They make and sell birdhouse kits, noodle boards, cutting boards and hope to expand their products soon.

SG takes after mama. She paints watercolor cards and adds powerful quotes in her own handwritten designs. She also creates the most of Kaleō Designs jewelry and has her own business known as Maiah’s Studio.

Trish makes all the goat milk products and runs both the family website, this shop, and Kaleō Designs a subsidiary of A House Upon The Rock. She makes wood signs, word portraits and jewelry which are all designed to bring Ephesians 4:1 to mind as we walk in our callings in the manner in which we were called. Single words, reminders of Who we are in Christ, precious, cherished, beloved by both Him and others, are the focus of Kaleō.

The goat milk skin care line started years ago when SG was little and had terrible eczema that regular lotions were not keeping at bay. Trish had to lotion SG’s skin twice a day and she still broke out in terrible rashes. This led Trish to researching skin care products on the market and eventually to organic, all natural products which in turn led to her first formulation of simple ingredients. She created a body butter with shea butter, jojoba oil and lanolin and used that for years for SG. More research led her to checking into food allergies which ended up being the culprit, but we never went back to non-natural safe skin care or even cleaning products ever again. After years of making her own products and loving it and sharing her soaps with friends and family, we decided to jump into our small family business. You can find more of our story here.

Our hope for this shop is to encourage you to build your own home on The Rock.