Our Philosophy

“Therefore whoever hears these words of Mine, and acts on them, may be compared to the wise man who built his house upon the rock” Matthew 7:14

Raw Goat Milk – 100% – not watered down milk or with powder – from our small farm
Certified Organic or Non-gmo Ingredients
Simple Nourishing Ingredients
All Natural Colorants
Essential Oils Vs. Synthetic Fragrances
Small Handmade Batches
Eco-friendly and Ethically Sourced Ingredients
Family and Farm Oriented
Stewardship of God’s Gifts – People, Animals and Land
USA made or Fair Trade Companies – where possible

We use recycled materials wherever possible when shipping items
Reclaim items to reuse or create new from old items.
Signs are made from reclaimed wood

Having lived both in town and out in the woods in a cabin without running water or electricity we learned to make do with many things we have on hand and to reuse as many items as we could. Reclaiming wood and other materials is just as much of a passion of ours as is encouraging others around us. We also believe strongly in fair trade and a worker being worthy of their hire so we are very careful about where we source our ingredients for our skin care products.

NOTE: while almost all of our ingredients are organic and could fit under organic labeling, we will not make that claim as many others do. Truth is to be labeled organic, products need to go through a lot of legal hoops and many people do not know that they are really not supposed to use the term on their labels. Also, “organic” is over used and misleading in marketing today and we will not be going through certification to claim our soap is organic, which is the proper thing to do for labeling. That said, we do use all or close to all certified organic ingredients and at the very least use non-GMO for those one or two items we can not find or afford to pay for certified organic.

We try our best to buy from USA companies and when it is not possible to do so we believe strongly in using fair trade companies where possible with sourcing some of our ingredients and packaging.

We support organizations like Compassion International, Voice of the Martyrs, and OpenDoors with part of our profits and time volunteering. Because of Trish’s involvement with Voice of the Martyrs we are very aware of human conditions, both work and religious freedoms, around the world and strive to make sure that we are not contributing to the horrors of poor working conditions and underpaid or slave labor both in our home purchases as well as for the business.

We are also members of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild.