“Therefore whoever hears these words of Mine, and acts on them, may be compared to the wise man who built his house upon the rock.”

Matthew 5:16

Our hope is to encourage you to build your own house on The Rock from the decor on your walls, items you use for hospitality, to the products you put on your family’s skin.

A tiny spot on the web to encourage you as you build your house upon The Rock

We have homesteaded wherever we have been planted for the past 11+ years when we first started our little dairy goat herd. Trish always joked with Tony that one day she would turn him from a city guy to a country one. It worked! After having his first taste of fresh goat milk he never looked back.

Having lived both “in town” and out in the woods in a cabin, without running water or electricity, we learned to make do with many things we have on hand and to reuse as many items as we could. Trish always loved taking old things and renewing them as she created a home everywhere we have lived. She grew up with a love for nature and spent a lot of years studying herbal medicine putting her love of nature into practical use for the family.

Our goat milk skincare line officially started 18 years ago when our daughter, SG, was little and had terrible eczema that regular lotions were not keeping at bay. Trish lotioned her skin a minimum of twice a day and she still broke out. Because of her own health issues and learning so much about natural medicine, Trish began researching skin care products on the market and eventually we turned to organic, all natural products to help our daughter. It was shortly there after she created her first “formulation” of simple ingredients. She made a body butter with shea butter, jojoba oil and lanolin and used that for years on our daughter’s skin which helped tremendously. She turned to finding better hair care solutions without mineral oils and chemicals next.

After years of making her own products, testing and sharing them with friends and family, we decided to begin selling them in 2020.

Our Promises to You


Because of Trish’s involvement with Voice of the Martyrs we are very aware of human conditions, both work and religious freedoms, around the world and strive to make sure that we are not contributing to the horrors of poor working conditions and underpaid or slave labor both in our home purchases as well as for the business.


We use 100% raw goats milk in almost all of our products. Our dairy goats do not get soy, corn or wheat in their diets, we make our own “grain” feed with certified organic ingredients for when they are in milk and our winter hay is non-sprayed pesticide free. We also use gluten free, certified organic or non-gmo ingredients (if organic isn’t available), all natural colorants, essential oils, USA made or fair trade companies, we reclaim and use recycled materials as much as possible and use eco-friendly packaging (no plastic). Our skin care line is made in small batches with simple nourishing ingredients and our lotions only use ECOcert emulsifiers and preservatives that allow for organic labeling and are gluten free.


Certified Organic or Non-gmo Ingredients

We believe the best ingredients make for the best products.


USA Made or Fair Trade

We only source our ingredients from USA Made or Fair Trade Companies.


Ethically Sourced

We carefully research where all our ingredients come from.


Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

We use plastic free packaging and we shipping with recycled/reused materials wherever possible.


High Quality

  • Simple Nourishing Ingredients
  • All Natural Colorants
  • Essential Oils
  • Small Handmade Batches

100% Raw Goat Milk

Nothing watered down unless absolutely necessary for formulations to work well. The milk we use is direct from our farm animals that are part of the family.


Reclaimed Wood

We love to reclaim items to reuse or create something new. All our signs are made from reclaimed wood.

Only The Best Quality Ingredients

The term “organic” is overused and misleading in marketing today. To be labeled “organic” our products need to contain at least 95% of organic ingredients and because our products contain goat milk and agricultural ingredients (herbs, etc) we are required by law to adhere to USDA labeling, not just FDA.

We do use almost all certified organic ingredients and use a few non-GMO for those one or two items we can not find certified organic. But we can not officially label our soaps organic because “any cosmetic, body care product, or personal care product that does not meet the production, handling, processing, labeling, and certification standards described [USDA regulations], may not state, imply, or convey in any way that the product is USDA-certified organic or meets the USDA organic standards.” (quote from USDA)

We believe strongly in the truth of advertising and all of our products are made with organic ingredients and could be labeled organic, but we will not put organic on our labels to be sure we align with proper labeling laws. Even so, you can be assured that our products are made from the best ingredients we can source.

Commitment to Sustainability

We try our best to source our ingredients and packaging locally or from USA companies and when it is not possible to do so we buy from fair trade companies.

We package our products in non-plastic recycled packaging. We also recycle and reuse as many shipping materials as possible to be better stewards of the earth. Our belief regarding reusing shipping materials is, “it may not look pretty on the outside when it arrives, but it is beautiful inside when you open it up” and that’s what counts.

Portion of Our Profits


We support organizations like Compassion International and Voice of the Martyrs with a percentage of our profits and time volunteering.

Shopping with us helps children in poverty and persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

About Tony

Tony is the BossDad behind the scenes, always on hand to help with tech issues including fixing CSS to make Trish’s website design come to life to building displays for markets. He is a structural engineer by day and amazing handman by night. He milks, builds barns out of junk wood and makes them look amazing, and all kinds of other things than makes our little homestead run smoothly…or sometimes, not so smoothly, which is why he is so very needed!

About Trish

While Trish, wife and mama of the clan, primarily creates many items for the business, each member of the family participates in some way and brings their own creativity and unique giftedness to the table. Trish makes all the goat milk soaps, bath products, and wood signs. Trish also designed and runs the family website and our Etsy shop. 

About ME

Our son, ME, has his own subsidiary of the family business, Malachi’s Workshop. He started his business at 8 years old, along with his brother E, and has been featured on several platforms, including podcasts and a family magazine. He does much of the carpentry side of things, from cutting down and sanding reclaimed wood planks for Trish’s signs to staining or “white-washing” items. He makes and sell birdhouse kits, serving trays, cutting boards and has plans to expand into other areas.

About SG

SG takes after mama. She is creative in her own right. She loves the violin and is gifted both musically and artisically. She paints watercolor cards and adds powerful quotes in her own handwritten designs. She also helps Trish make a lot of the products and hopes to build her own business Maiah’s Studio one day.

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